A Road to Consciousness

A Road to Consciousness

He continues, “The human race knew this for a million years, but now we have lost it, because our societies got too big. We have to get started again, because it has become urgent that we communicate and share our consciousness. We must be able to think together, in order to do intelligently whatever is necessary. If we can all suspend carrying out our impulses, suspend our assumptions and look at them, then we are all in a shared state of consciousness. Suddenly the feeling can change to one of fellowship and friendship, participation and sharing. We are then able to collaborate in a shared consciousness.”

The possibility of this kind of Collaborative Freedom and Choice for the transformative resolution of the major issues facing the world today (Climate Change, Geopolitical tensions, Inequality, Poverty, Religious Conflicts, Food & Water Security, Government Accountability & Integrity, Lack of Education), is surely worth the practice of this discipline of group consciousness at all levels in society, particularly at the top levels in Government, Industry, Commerce, Science, Education & Religion.

A final reflection
On a visit to China a few years ago I visited Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s mausoleum. Born Nov. 12, 1866 in Guangdong Province, he died in Hong Kong March 12, 1925, Dr. Sun is still honoured by both the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) as the “Father of the Nation”. He said his political philosophy, called the “Three Principles” of nationalism, democracy and people’s livelihood, was inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. He was a doctor and political, social and religious change was the main goal of his life.


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