A Road to Consciousness

A Road to Consciousness

His mausoleum was built by the Republic of China government and in 1929 his body was carried there. To reach of the top of the Mausoleum, you need to climb up 392 stone steps. Once in a while there is a flat platform for rest. However, there is a visual technique design about the steps. From a bottom-up perspective, you can only see steps, no flat platforms. From a top-down perspective however, you can only see flat platforms and no steps. It needs to be seen to believed (see photos).

As I climbed upwards to the mausoleum it occurred to me that it is a striking physical metaphor for one’s life journey through stages of consciousness, the 392 steps representing our efforts to make progress and achieve our goals. The unseen platforms as we progress upwards represent the opportunities in life (often not seen), to reflect on how we are engaging before rushing up the next flight of steps. As we near the end of our journey and have more time to reflect, we have the opportunity to see the various platforms we reached previously, obscured by all of our busy efforts to make progress in the climb.

As for me I now do my best to engage with consciousness as an individual and in collaboration with others, while remaining conscious of my choice to do so, and climb the next flight of steps to discover the next level of consciousness as an ascent rather than a descent as I grow older.


Banner Credit: NASA US Government


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