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An Eastern Mind: The Chinese Philosophy of Chuang-Tzu

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A person who grows up in this circumstance knows how to be mannerly. Examples are: respect the elder and protect the young; welcome friends with prepared food; to learn and to reflect. In contrast, there are too many structures about how to be a saint, but people simply are not free to explore how to be a human being. Too much Doing can damage the natural operation of energy. Once the energy is blocked, the person may easily suffer from a fake self, who has a high moral requirement but low self-esteem. The shame of being a human can destroy a person from inside.

The three elements can be applied to every field. Anxiety can be too many materials with less energy. The structure does not operate well thus a person is always doing more than staying in the present. Thus, simply breath and meditation can help one learn to be, as the energy flows when we breathe. Depression on the other hand is too much energy (negative energy) stuck with too few materials, so that one loses interest and motivation. Those negative energies can lead into a self-destructive orientation. Sometimes anxiety and depression come hand-in-hand and that requires a rain collector to go into the system and operate the structure.

On my way here, I saw that people nowadays turn to look at this small black mirror called mobile phone or computer instead of looking at each other. It is said this mobile phone thing can connect you to the word by this thing called internet. Eric From, this young nice fellow, had developed this Alienation concept. I could not recall his original idea, but I think he and I are talking about the same thing. He worried we were trapped by materials and our energy ceased to flow, the structure became copied, and we lost our individualism. My friends, the way we are addicted to the mobile phone is blocking our energy. We are trapped into the same materials – no more music, no more dance. We forget to look up to the blue sky or watch the season change. We lost connection to the nature and others and we are copying the same structure again and again. We are alienated.

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