Afraid to let the air out of my lungs, I looked down to where I started. I had no desire to repel down with ease. Free from even the weakest of gravitational interaction…, I take my first breath of pure life. Life without “should, shouldn’t,” judgments or fear. It’s peaceful here. The strength of the silence is deafening, drowning out all the voices of doubt. Possible is no longer the problem…, it is the solution to all you are afraid to look up at. Failing on the ground is not what we are afraid of. The fear of falling from reaching for the sky is what can paralyze us. It can keep us hanging on for dear life to a life that’s not so dear.

From thirty thousand feet problems look small and the world seems to be full of solutions. The divisiveness of diversity seems to dissolve into one — one race, the human race, with infinite possibilities to solve problems.

So, what is the exit strategy? How do we get from where we are to thirty thousand feet…, to ‘what’s possible’, where intention and flow blow freely through the body with ease?

There are four fundamental forces in the universe which account for all interactions between matter and energy. Gravity is the weakest of them all and not by a little…, but by a lot.  They pull your feet towards the ground where the chains of impossible lie but have far less power over you than you might think.

It’s really about limiting your transition time and finding your balance faster, so that transformation can happen and possible ceases to be the problem, but rather becomes the solution.





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