Collaborative Innovation: A Personal Journey

Collaborative Innovation: A Personal Journey

I\we, the people, need to stand up for change. And I mean “Stand.”
Consider if we stood, literally, for two minutes in silence at noon every Monday, wherever we are, to show that we want:
A) A different system to the current rigged, ‘money takes all’ two-party system.
B) Independent non-political councils for looking in depth into:
a) United States bankruptcy
b) Medicare survival
c) Social Security survival
d) A long-term holistic strategic philosophy that guides our
policies going forward.

Bill Gates, Mr. Money on the Peer-to-Peer TV show, and Deepak Chopra, Mr. Spiritual on Amanpour, say if we don’t co-operate, we are doomed, but no one does anything. The real question is: “Why do we put up with this tearing-us-apart political system. Why don’t we demand change?”

The answer is: We don’t Rebel; because we pretend there is a refuge, but there is none.


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