In one sentence, bureaucracy or mental rigidity often turn human energy into sludge. Like it or not, this is personal. The magic comes from how you, yourself are being in a situation. Without the ability to ‘Connect and Move On’ from past beliefs, at least temporarily, ‘escape velocity’ and sustainable forward movement in Collaborative Innovation is unlikely.
“There is only energy and it is all you.”


In our own work, one client business example of practical application of these energy-based practices was in a large public utility that was losing money, had union-management conflict, and was facing the grim prospect of letting people go. Simultaneous with conversations about the Overview Effect and expanding energy, the CEO told every employee that if they performed to certain standards, none would lose their jobs. This expanded people’s energy and enthusiasm such that they broke free from their historical culture of distrust and going in different directions, and generated a wildfire of performance, innovation, cooperation. During the worst of times the company had its best year ever and over the subsequent five years moved near the top of its industry in terms of every business quality and social measure.

This was no accident, but the result of helping people shift their point of view from fear-driven to Overview Effect-driven, and from efficiency, will, power, effectiveness and compliance-driven to a new bottom line of safety-driven energy expansion. This is the essence of an Overview Effect-driven endeavor, a bridge over into a new order of creativity, innovation and collaboration. The magic is context-driven.

The authors aspire to making a dent in the world such that energy-based practices are applied by individuals and leaders who trust that this is a breakthrough idea and promising way to go.

We believe that widespread uncharacteristic action in favor of Collaborative Innovation is necessary. Without this, the threat of extinction for much of the human race is inevitable from global warning, nuclear proliferation, uncontrolled immigration, the advance of immoral artificial intelligence, or uncontrolled global corporate interests.


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Richard WhitehurstRichard is Founder and Director of The Overview Institute of Australia along with its sister organization - Planetary Human: He has appeared on radio and TV, and has lectured extensively in colleges, universities, workshops and conferences in America, En author, poet, ‘possibillian’ and ‘planetary contextualist’ – Richard has been involved in facilitating shifts in consciousness and human transformation for over four decades. A former president of the Ericksonian Hypnotherapist Association of Australia, Richard is a practicing psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

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