Couples Therapy in Singapore

Couples Therapy in Singapore

As in the United States and other Western countries, couples in Singapore seek out therapeutic assistance in addressing their major, unresolved issues which is mainly revolved around the family of origin. Dr. Lian-Ya (Katrina) Wong conducts an interview with Stephanie Tan, a senior couples therapist in Singapore.


Comments by Dr. Lian-Ya Wong

One interesting sharing that I gained from couple relationships in Singapore was inviting the Mother in law to the Couples session. It is common in Singapore where the in laws especially the Mother of the Husband often seems to be the one who affects the couple’s relationship. It is often heard in Singapore where the Mother in law is unable to get along with the Daughter in law but seldom heard of son in law unable to get along with his Mother In law.


Additional Document: The Languages of Love

Dr. Llilan-Ya (Katrina) Wong prepared an essay that focuses specifically on one group of Singaporeans–those that are serving in the Armed Forces and the spouse who is living with this member of the military. In helping these couples address the unique challenges associated with military life, Dr. Wong offers Dr. Gary Chapman’s five languages of love.

Couples Communication: Military Marriages and the Languages of Love

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