COVID-19 Crisis in Therapy

COVID-19 Crisis in Therapy

The following essay was written in Hebrew by Dr. Gil Erlich who operates a private clinic in Israel. Dr. Erlich works with preschoolers, children, teens and adults in addressing developmental-emotional issues. An English summary of this essay is offered first.

COVID-19 Crisis in Therapy [English Summary]

The COVID-19 crisis has brought us all, to think about our being in a new and unfamiliar situation. I believe that learning from these experiences will help us grow in our routine being. Because of this I would love to take part in sharing my thoughts on this matter. The details of the patients presented in the article have been changed in order to maintain privacy

Dr. Gil Erlich

I work as a psychologist in three different therapeutic fields.

In a private clinic, where I work as a clinical psychologist. At the clinic I get mostly patients dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and lack of satisfaction in life. I see them 1-3 times a week and the treatment is essentially psychotherapeutic.

In day care in a hospital as a clinical psychologist. In day care, patients who need higher therapeutic holding and handling than regular out-patients, reach about seven hours a day, and receive therapy that include group therapies, expression and creative therapies, and psychological therapies. Day care allows (as opposed to full hospitalization) to self-fulfillment beyond the therapeutic space’ in daily life (work, studies, relationships, etc.). The treatment as part of the day care provides accompaniment by a multi-disciplinary team.


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Gil Erlichאני פסיכולוג קליני ומתמחה בפסיכולוגיה חינוכית. יש לי קליניקה פרטית ואני עוסק בתחומים של דיכאון, חרדה, הפרעות אכילה וחוסר סיפוק בחיים. בנוסף, אני עובד עם הגיל הרך, ילדים ובני נוער בתחומים התפתחותיים-רגשיים. פסיכולוגיה קלינית למדתי באוניברסיטת תל אביב, ובנוסף, יש לי תואר שני בפסיכולוגיה קוגניטיבית מאוניברסיטת בן גוריון. את תואר הדוקטורט שלי השלמתי בPSP בנושא של טיפול קבוצתי בבני נוער עם קשיים חברתיים. כיום אני עובד גם כפסיכולוג של טיפול יום מבוגרים בביה"ח הדסה עין כרם וכפסיכולוג של השרות הפסיכולוגי חינוכי בעיריית ירושליםMy name is Dr. Gil Erlich (PsyD) I am a clinical psychologist. I have a private clinic and work with preschoolers, children teens and adults in developmental-emotional areas. I studied clinical psychology at Tel Aviv University, and in addition, I have a master's degree in cognitive psychology from Ben Gurion University. I completed my PsyD in PSP in group therapy of adolescents with social difficulties. Today I also work as an adult day care psychologist at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital and as a psychologist of the Educational Psychological Service of the Jerusalem Municipality

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