de Tocqueville and the Communities of Heart

de Tocqueville and the Communities of Heart

Seven Conditions for a Community of Heart

1. Equality of opportunity, knowledge and status exist in the community
a. No one person has all the answers or all the authority
b. Collective wisdom
2. Setting exist in the community for vivid and sustained dialogue
a. Meetings in the town square
b. “Soap-box” democracy
3. Shared interests and reasons of mutual support are to be found in the community
a. Self-interest is served by assisting others
b. A systems-based understanding of mutual support
4. Civic associations (non-government community-oriented institutions) are prevalent in the community
a. The great value to be found outside government
b. NGO collaborations
5. Emphasis is placed on useful action within the community
a. Watch and evaluated what I do, not what I say
b. Everyone in a small, isolated community sees everything: the front porch
6. Emphasis is placed on experience-based action within the community
a. Informed action based on experience, not theory
b. Show me what you have learned by trying it out
7. Abiding belief is to be found in the community with regard to human progress and a sense of greater purpose in life
a. A spiritual life (not necessarily religious)
b. Commitment based on dedication to a higher principle/purpose


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