In Search of Truth II: The Dance of Collusion

In Search of Truth II: The Dance of Collusion


Up to this point, we have focused primarily on the impact of hubris and narcissism on the quality of decisions being made and the impact of collusion on the dynamics of organizations and entire societies. What about the impact of the hubris, narcissism and collusion on the individual who is living in the challenging world of complexity, unpredictability and turbulence? What happens to each of us when we rely on expertise that is inaccurate or incomplete? Do we feel betrayed or simply foolish? Like Echo, do we lose our voice and even more basically our sense of self-worth? Can we find our voice again and what role should each of us play as articulate participants at table where important dialogue is engaged, and a new shared truth is constructed? We turn to these matters in our third and final essay.



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