Individual Psychotherapy in Singapore

Individual Psychotherapy in Singapore

The foundation of clinical psychology in virtually all countries in the world can be found in the engagement of personal, one-on-one psychotherapy. Dr. Lian-Ya (Katrina) Wong begins this essay by interviewing Dr. Lee Kah (Peronna) Chin, an experienced clinician in Singapore

Centres that are funded by the government are known as family service centres. Therapists may find when working with clients there are certain restrictions or there are certain specific goals to achieve. Sometimes therapists are given a certain number of sessions E.g to complete in 8 sessions. The question here is how effective are the sessions? Is it helpful to the clients? For example, therapists need to work on Co-parenting but there is still grief work to be done for the client before able to move on. But Therapists are unable to work on grief due to the limitation of sessions.


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Lian-Ya (Katrina) WongDr. Lian-Ya (Katrina) Wong is a Registered Counsellor in Singapore, with certifications in Choice theory and Reality Therapy. She is currently working as a Divorce Support Specialists. Dr. Wong has worked with the Ministry of Social Development and the Family Justice Court in Singapore, providing counselling for children facing the challenges of parental divorce and separated families. She holds a Masters of Art degree in Counselling and psychotherapy from the York St. John University in the United Kingdom and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Professional School of Psychology in the United States.

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