Issue Three: Collaborative Innovation and the Synergy Between Intention and Flow

Issue Three: Collaborative Innovation and the Synergy Between Intention and Flow

This Issue of Collaborative Innovation was inspired when I asked brilliant Glass Artist Michael Smith, to talk about what was inside him in moments of moving from a fiery blob of glass to a beautiful, unfathomable Glass Comet. Instantly he said that this was in creating “Synergy Between Intention and Flow”. Since then, in a World Academy of Art and Science conference, one of the topics was the need to integrate Art and Science and have far greater balance in business and life between linear thinking and artistic creativity. In this Journal, some of the best and brightest people we know talk about what they think, feel, want, imagine and hope for meaningful progress with respect to creating Synergy Between Intention and Flow in individuals and groups.

While I do my best to find authors and ideas that have merit, the truth is a deep well and there may be no bottom. Einstein sought to find the mind of God through physics. Others through philosophy, others through pragmatics of their own business and life, others through values they hold dear, and others through love, self-importance, or some combination of all. Hopefully, this journey makes things better for some peoples’ lives and work. It’s a journey with many contradictions and ultimately without proof. There is always more to learn.

Please take what you will.

Charles E. Smith


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Charles SmithCHARLES E. SMITH Ph.D Charlie is Executive Editor of the Journal of Collaborative Innovation in the Library of Professional Coaching. A highly-experienced Futurist, Author, and Executive Coach, current interests are in deep dives into the nature of Collaborative Innovation, conscious conversations, and engaging large numbers of kindred spirits and businesses. For fifty years, he has been a personal and leadership coach and organizational behavior consultant stimulating breakthrough thinking, culture change and seemingly impossible results. A graduate of the Boston Public Latin School, Charlie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Relations from Harvard College, an MBA from the Harvard Business School, a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, and a Certificate in Gestalt Methods from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. He was Visiting Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Sir George Williams University in Montreal, former President of the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of New Mexico, and Editor of Transformation Magazine published by the Library of Professional Coaching. Dr. Smith has written three books, "The Merlin Factor, Leadership and Strategic Intent” "Navigating from the Future," “Don’t be a Noodle in Someone Else’s Soup” and many articles located in the Library of Professional Coaching and Eruditio, a Journal of the World Academy of Art and Science.

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