Issue Two: Innovative Collaboration and The Future of Democracy: Authoritarianism or Freedom

Issue Two: Innovative Collaboration and The Future of Democracy: Authoritarianism or Freedom

Once again, we have a number of fine articles from extraordinary men and women, and for this I am grateful.

The topic of this issue is the growth of authoritarianism and the challenge to democracy, even where it has been strong and precious. This struggle between freedom and authority looks like it has been going on forever.  There are countless and never-ending explanations and good ideas about what to do. I keep coming back to the question of, “When All is Said and Done, What Conversations Really Matter?”  And, I keep coming back my own truth that “Energy Flows Where The Attention Goes.” The best comes from paying attention to what nourishes me and the people around me. We live in an endless Sea of Love and an endless Sea of Explanations, waiting for a lifeboat.

I have faith that it is just beyond the horizon.

Charles E. Smith Ph.D.


John CaswellThe Future: A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

John leads a global consultancy based in Structured Visual Thinking™ — a collaborative and visual technique for creating strategy and plans, designed as the antidote to the countess uninspiring and traditional methods for building the right plans for the future.

David Norris.  The King is Dead…, Long Live the King; A Theory Concerning the Current Wave of Authoritarianism

David is a Teacher, Coach, Philosopher and World Class Advisor in matters of Personal and Organizational Transformation.

Jeffrey Mironov.  Is What We See Where We Are…, Or Only Where We Think Ourselves To Be?

Jeffrey is an Artist, Philosopher, and Teacher and has recorded and performed as a session musician with many acclaimed artists.

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