Issue Two: Innovative Collaboration and The Future of Democracy: Authoritarianism or Freedom

Issue Two: Innovative Collaboration and The Future of Democracy: Authoritarianism or Freedom

Nadine Hack.  How Connectedness helps Battle 21st Century Authoritarianism

Nadine is CEO of beCause Global Consulting and named a Top Thought Leader on Trustworthy Business Behavior globally often enough to earn a Trust Lifetime Achievement Award.  Nadine advises Fortune 500 company executives, heads of state, and other leaders and organizations.

William BergquistAuthoritarianism, Cave Dwelling and the Contemporary Escape from Freedom

Bill is an international coach and consultant, professor in the fields of psychology, management and public administration, author of more than 50 books, and president of a global institution (PSP) that provides training, conducts research, and publishes books at the cutting edge of professional psychology.  He has focused on the processes of organizational coaching and the field of health psychology. He is co-founder of the Library of Professional Coaching and founder of the Library of Professional Psychology.

Frank WhiteIs Experiencing the Overview Effect a Human Right?

Frank is a communications consultant and author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution.  He has authored a total of 10 books, including: The SETI Factor, The New Camelot, March of the Millennia, Think About Space (with Isaac Asimov), The Ice Chronicles (with Paul Mayewski), and Decision: Earth, a novel. He is co-founder of the Overview Institute, established in part to carry forward the work that began with publication of his book, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in November, 2012.

Jonathan Lewis SmithTrust and Self Governance

Jonathan is an entrepreneur and advocate whose mission is to contribute to socially responsible organizations and peace with justice. His writing, work and studies integrate aspects of sociology, political science, economics, environmental and social entrepreneurship.

Peter Benkendorf. Creating What People Want in Dayton, Ohio, But Don’t Think They Can Have

Peter is founder of The Collaboratory, a non-profit civic innovation lab in Dayton, Ohio, and the initiator of “Re-Imagining America: Dayton, Ohio.” His 35 -year career as a brand, product development and social-change catalyst spans the corporate and community sectors, the advertising industry, and consulting. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

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