George Michael Smith and Charles Eliot Smith

Practices for Synergy Between Intention and Flow

A person flying an airplane in the sky versus vs driving a car on a road — what’s the difference?  When driving on a road, there are certain inherent factors that affect the path one travels. Weather, daylight, and all sorts of road conditions become variable that may delay or arrest the journey. Roads only work if you stay on them; either because it’s the guide to the destination or because there are likely barriers or ditches keeping the car on the road. The road is your course.  If a tree falls across the road, it is likely you will have to backtrack and either wait or take a detour.  This type of travel has an intention to arrive at its destination, but is unable to flow with the physical space it is in.


If the travel is by flight, then there are inherently different factors that affect one’s path.  When flying, the destination is still a fixed point, but the path to get there is marked by a series of waypoints that exist in free space. The intention is held in the mind [of both pilot and computer], while the flow exists in the way the aircraft gets from point to point. The path between each waypoint is the course. One may drift a few feet away from the course before correcting, or many miles. If there is a storm or danger, waypoints can be changed to create a different course that can still lead to the same destination.  Rather than backtracking, a flight plan allows for the detours needed to be part of the forward movement.  One means staying on fluid course with small adjustments vs being bound by the conditions of a single, permanent course.


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George Michael SmithG. Michael Smith is a creator. A practitioner of uncommon sense, much of his work is guided by the rich and diverse experiences gained through travels around our world. Michael has learned the importance of learning new knowledge, reflecting on knowledge of old, and understanding that one’s world truly expands when standing in a new experience. With a focus on consciousness and being mindful, G. Michael Smith plays on the structures and beauty found in the surrounding world; organic and otherwise. His organization, “Creativity Unleashed”, advocates transformational results in art, technology and relationships, by learning from what nature has already figured out.Michael began working with glass at Jacksonville University in 2008 and now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a working glass artist and instructor. He uses multiple techniques to manipulate the material including blowing glass, hot/sand casting, kiln forming, and cold working. Glass elements are also incorporated into mixed media projects. Michael hopes his work will inspire others to journeys of their own.

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