Intention exists internally, inside you in your body and mind.… and flow exists externally, both inside you and outside you, in the environment.  Intention starts with a thought. It does not exist anywhere that can be found and traveled to. It can’t be seen or pointed at by anyone or anything but the creator’s mind. It is a guiding compass to an external destination. Intention in the mind provides a guiding path or arrow.

The flow is also a path. The path of flow can shift and change as it moves through the environment. The intention is a rigid path that is not naturally able to shift and move without needing to change the original intention. An intentional path gains the ability to shift when it is working flow. This mutuality brings focus to the overly shifting of the flow and brings fluidity to the rigidity of the intention.

Practice Mutuality

Feel like Us. We are in it together. It’s not me or you, or me and you. We are both in the space between. When there is mutuality, it feels like there is confidence and understanding in the space. Mutuality gives life because with it, the experience flows more freely. Navigating a complex life challenges the body and the mind of any living creature. Mutuality can free the mind of stress and aid the body in survival. It’s a feeling of safety during whatever might happen. It’s knowing that there are multiple people tackling the problems or tasks.

What Does It Mean to Be/Feel Like to Be Mutual?  

The feeling of mutuality is having total trust in the ship and its crew. Both are keeping each other afloat.  Knowing that if I do my part then the group will be able to persevere and navigate anything that comes our way. That brings a sense of choice about the paths possible. With a destination in mind, the personal care and commitment of each participant creates a world of possible accomplishments without the limitations of what only one could do. This brings both a sense of freedom and of grounding. Opening to new course lines while also a greater focus/awareness on the current path arises. More awareness and more openness.

Here, Possibility can be created with more than what one element can know. This feels good. And that is wonderful. A successful mutual relation does not need to feel good to produce results. But when the system is in flow, having the experience of feeling good is an amazing component that can generate more energy for all. That energy can be turned into focus or into possibility/creativity.

Mutuality is a team you want to be a part of and a place you want to go. Possible mutuality draws people in because there’s excitement about creating something. A project. A destination. A personal understanding. A way to contribute. A real chance. A new idea.


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