Find Waypoints

A waypoint is a point of reference that can be used for location and navigation.  It can be a specific latitude and longitude of a location, or a well-known landmark.  Ultimately, integration between Art and Science, Intention and Flow is all a matter of Waypoints, like a sailor on the sea moving from one buoy marker to another, one point on the horizon to another, one point on the ship’s ‘radar’ to another, until you get to a desired end.  Traveling between Waypoints consists of flow, direction, and intention — and none is exclusive. The path crosses guiding markers with no course set in stone

Hold Synergy of Intention and Flow, Art and Science as Brother and Sister

At best, brothers and sisters support each other’s development. The same can be true while integrating Art and Science. Science can help Art advance with new technology, tools, paints, ways of photographing at the macro scale and micro scale, inspirational images and scientific findings that generate art. Even the practical assistance of listening to music can help science advance. Music, movies, concept art, drawing and paintings, can all inspire the search for knowledge and to further exploration of a subject. The two can inspire one another to push boundaries and pursue new endeavors. Listening to music during that creative process seems to be able to play a supportive role in a lot of different creative processes. When science or art can’t answer questions, they can look to the other for answers. An interesting benefit of the mutual relationship is that if the Science can’t conclude a satisfying answer, art has the power to provide something fulfilling. Much the same, if something needs a type of clarification that art can’t provide, science often provides something satisfying.


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George Michael SmithG. Michael Smith is a creator. A practitioner of uncommon sense, much of his work is guided by the rich and diverse experiences gained through travels around our world. Michael has learned the importance of learning new knowledge, reflecting on knowledge of old, and understanding that one’s world truly expands when standing in a new experience. With a focus on consciousness and being mindful, G. Michael Smith plays on the structures and beauty found in the surrounding world; organic and otherwise. His organization, “Creativity Unleashed”, advocates transformational results in art, technology and relationships, by learning from what nature has already figured out. Michael began working with glass at Jacksonville University in 2008 and now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a working glass artist and instructor. He uses multiple techniques to manipulate the material including blowing glass, hot/sand casting, kiln forming, and cold working. Glass elements are also incorporated into mixed media projects. Michael hopes his work will inspire others to journeys of their own.

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