Challenges in Making a Dent in Practicing the Synthesis of Intention and Flow

  • The space between people “US” is decisive and the “Power of Us” is necessary for human survival.
  • Organizing a cause is that it “starts out with as a wonderous purpose, becomes a business, and then becomes a racket.” Eric Hoffer.
  • The persistent dark side in countless human beings is the absence of commitment to betterment and is widespread for whatever reason.
  • In my lifetime there are a few prominent examples (Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, Buddha, a Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt), who had the capacity to hold a Singularity that brought order out of disorder,
  • In ever so many important situations in the United States and many other countries, money, power, and position are more important than people.
  • There is no requirement in corporations and other institutions for freedom of speech, or for always having senior leaders vetted for competence, honesty, courage, forbearance, compassion, kindness, and commitment to doing the right thing no matter how they feel.


Synthesizing intention and flow, Art and Science, is a moonshot that can save the future of humanity from choices that lead to extinction.  If many people practice Synthesizing Intention and Flow:

  • Societal and global cultural transformation will be enabled.
  • Debilitating conflict will diminish everywhere.
  • Increased permission to behave in positive, natural ways will produce better and more sustainable results than pressure to perform.
  • With the success of these practices, corporations will figure out how to sell with it.
  • There will be an increased experience of freedom and morality, rather than resistance to arbitrary rules and force.


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George Michael SmithG. Michael Smith is a creator. A practitioner of uncommon sense, much of his work is guided by the rich and diverse experiences gained through travels around our world. Michael has learned the importance of learning new knowledge, reflecting on knowledge of old, and understanding that one’s world truly expands when standing in a new experience. With a focus on consciousness and being mindful, G. Michael Smith plays on the structures and beauty found in the surrounding world; organic and otherwise. His organization, “Creativity Unleashed”, advocates transformational results in art, technology and relationships, by learning from what nature has already figured out. Michael began working with glass at Jacksonville University in 2008 and now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a working glass artist and instructor. He uses multiple techniques to manipulate the material including blowing glass, hot/sand casting, kiln forming, and cold working. Glass elements are also incorporated into mixed media projects. Michael hopes his work will inspire others to journeys of their own.

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