We suggest that Transformation is a frequency and not a process (a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end).  A frequency is counterintuitive, and the challenge is that most everybody needs their own reality to make sense.

(A Frequency is the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample such as, ‘Shops have closed with increasing frequency during the period. Frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light). It’s usually measured per second. ‘Different thicknesses of glass will absorb different frequencies of sound.’ It also refers to the particular waveband at which a radio station or other system broadcasts or transmits signals, e.g., a radio station on a single AM radio frequency.)

What We’ve Learned About Synthesizing Art and Science, Intention and Flo

  • Always Counter-intuitive
  • Minimize Self-importance
  • Not accessible from subject-object language
  • Non-linear
  • More about what you don’t do than what you do.
  • No, or minimal use of force
  • The importance of silence
  • Minimal Explanation
  • No Transaction
  • Oblique shafts of illumination
  • One-liners for captivating impact
  • No measurement as policy


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George Michael SmithG. Michael Smith is a creator. A practitioner of uncommon sense, much of his work is guided by the rich and diverse experiences gained through travels around our world. Michael has learned the importance of learning new knowledge, reflecting on knowledge of old, and understanding that one’s world truly expands when standing in a new experience. With a focus on consciousness and being mindful, G. Michael Smith plays on the structures and beauty found in the surrounding world; organic and otherwise. His organization, “Creativity Unleashed”, advocates transformational results in art, technology and relationships, by learning from what nature has already figured out. Michael began working with glass at Jacksonville University in 2008 and now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a working glass artist and instructor. He uses multiple techniques to manipulate the material including blowing glass, hot/sand casting, kiln forming, and cold working. Glass elements are also incorporated into mixed media projects. Michael hopes his work will inspire others to journeys of their own.

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