Multiple Moments of Positivity in the Workplace: Organizational Culture and Strategy

Multiple Moments of Positivity in the Workplace: Organizational Culture and Strategy

Many companies struggle to implement new business strategies because they underestimate how their existing culture can undermine their efforts. This presentation workshop, led by Dr. Kevin Weitz, focuses on the key issues that organizational leaders need to consider when implementing a new business strategy. The following themes are introduced:  (a) “Millions of Moments” Shape Culture,(b) Organizational culture accelerates strategy implementation (or impedes it), c) How to change culture rapidly, (d) Rapid culture change.


The presentation focused on the following topics:

  • How culture is formed in the first place
  • Why how your culture was initially formed will not work in the future
  • “Millions of moments” – how leaders unknowingly shape culture (for better or worse)
  • How and why people behave the way they do – and how these behaviors are changed
  • The 5-step process that leaders can use to cultivate new behaviors
  • The project management approach for culture change
  • Understanding and assessing your culture

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About the Author

Kevin WeitzKevin is Principle Organizational Consultant with Intel Corporation working with their leadership team to optimize Intel’s culture to support its business strategy into new markets. For over 25 years Kevin has consulted with organizations like Chevron, Levi Strauss & Co, Wells Fargo Bank, Pacific Gas & Electric, British Columbia Hydro and Standard Bank of South Africa on large scale organizational transformational projects. These transformational initiatives are almost always extremely challenging for these organizations, especially for employees and other stakeholders. Kevin’s transformation work focuses on engaging leaders, employees and stakeholders on becoming more adaptable and resilient to constant and disruptive change. Kevin has a master’s degree in business administration and is currently pursuing his doctorate in organizational psychology at the Professional School of Psychology in Sacramento California.

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