My Friend is a Palestinian Bedouin: IX Friendship

My Friend is a Palestinian Bedouin: IX Friendship


As regarding the money, you think you have more money than the Arabs do. You forgot that the Arabs have below the desert money (petrol). There is enough to give all Arabs for 50 years $1000 or more, each month per person. You were strong when you stopped talking rubbish about religion. Therefore, you have a modern state. In the life of the modern people, there is something you have not heard about, which is peace. Without that, we are like animals; everyone eats the other. If you think you are better than I am, and I think I am better than you there will be no peace. The garage of peace is part of my modern thinking and I think this is right – and I am a Bedouin.” I then asked him to give me my money and not come back to the garage.”


I was not sure how Bashar perceived his own attitude and asked for clarification. It turned out that Bashar was well aware of the one-sidedness of his words. He added: “For us, honor is so important that when someone touches your honor, you will go mad and you will talk nonsense like I did. That was the first and last time I spoke with someone Jewish like that, since I think it is not good (what I did). I wanted to tell him: Do not touch my honor even if I am not that strong. Our power stems from our honor.” In the meantime, someone called and wanted to meet Bashar at the garage, so he had to leave. The flight tickets had to wait.


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