My Time of Corona – A Bridge Between Reality and Imagination

My Time of Corona – A Bridge Between Reality and Imagination

Insights from Corona

First of all, I believe that therapy is therapy is therapy. When the connection is meaningful and the togetherness created is unlike anything else, the same “magic” can be produced by other means as well. Secondly, the boundaries of therapy are infinite and need to be shaken up occasionally within existing boundaries, daring to step outside of them, developing new ideas, and awakening our souls.

I learned two main things from the Corona period, one personal and one professional:

The first one is related to the meaning of time. In the therapeutic world, the processes that take place in the “here and now” have great significance. Oftentimes, therapists focus on the content and processes that take place during a session, without engaging in what takes place outside the room. This is from a desire to produce an authentic discourse on the current situation.

During the Corona period, however, I have felt that engaging in the “here and now” has deepened my sense of helplessness and the feeling that most decisions or events that affect me are beyond my control. Therefore, the sense that I have difficulty producing a reasonable reality has increased. It is precisely in these situations that I have chosen, in both my personal and professional life, to look far beyond the horizon, to a future that cannot be grasped. The thought of a distant future has allowed me to deal with the bumps in the road more successfully.

On a professional level, when I have the feeling of a “dead end,” I often aim for distant and even impossible worlds. Oftentimes, when I am in session with patients who feel meaningless and tired of life, I choose to enter with them into this pit of darkness, and together we throw a “lasso” towards a future distant point, so that we can get out of the menacing pit by using energies from the future.


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