Organizational Consultation XIII: The Human Resource Bank—Source of Information and Use

Organizational Consultation XIII: The Human Resource Bank—Source of Information and Use

We continue our description of the human resource bank and its use as a consultative strategy for more fully releasing human capital. Specifically, we identify the primary sources of information for the human resource bank and the way this information and the bank can be used for the release of human capital.

Sources of HR Bank Information

Many sources of information are available regarding the SKAs of employees, whether the organization is small or large, rich or poor, proprietary or nonprofit. Traditionally, this information has been accumulated in a file folder (paper-based or digital) that remained inaccessible in an HR office. With the advances made over the past two decades in computer technology, it is now quite easy to gather information in a computer file and to code this information so that it can be readily accessed. Given that it is now easy to categorize and store information about employees, a key question must be asked: What type of information is appropriate to collect? Following is a partial list of the potential sources of appropriate information for a Human Resource Bank.

Job Application

When a person applies for a job, she typically must submit a resume or vita that describes her past job assignments, her education and training, and her personal assessment of competencies acquired in these jobs and through participation in these educational and training programs. One or two people typically interview each of the final applicants for the job. References are often checked to ensure that the finalists have accurately portrayed past job experience, as well as current skills and attitudes.

This is all appropriate information for a HR Bank. The information contained in a resume and job interview is readily stored on a computer. Many organizations are now requesting that resumes be submitted electronically, thus making it easy to store this information. The information contained in the documents of those applicants who have been hired by the organization is transferred to the HR bank.


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