Organizational Consultation XIII: The Human Resource Bank—Source of Information and Use

Organizational Consultation XIII: The Human Resource Bank—Source of Information and Use

It is often appropriate to focus on critical incidents when identifying items for this inventory. If an organization is particularly interested in the achievement of quality, it is often valuable to focus on the SKAs that are needed when the organization is faced with unusual or particularly demanding situations. Quality of service and performance is not determined by the manner in which the organization runs during the 80% of the time when everything is functioning in the usual manner. Quality is determined by how well the organization operates when faced with a critical incident. The skills, knowledge and aptitudes that are needed to meet challenges associated with these critical incidents are often among those least acknowledged or appreciated in the organization. They usually are not captured in either job interviews or resumes, and usually are absent from most performance reviews. A formal survey is often needed to identify these significant SKAs.

Designing the Talent Inventory

The Inventory of Talent usually includes at least twenty or thirty items and may include as many as eighty items. Each SKA is briefly described. For example, the list might include the following:

Skill: Using Power Point. Ability to prepare graphically interesting presentations using computer software.

Skill: Speaking French. Ability to communicate easily in French; restricted to informal conversations; no need for command of technical language.

Knowledge: Singapore Operations. First-hand experience in working with the staff and local distributors associated with this production facility.

Knowledge: AB 435 Requirements. Fully conversant with the implications of this Assembly Bill for the marketing and promotional strategies employed by our company.

Aptitude: Cross Cultural Relationships. Effective in and oriented to working with people from other cultures.

Aptitude: Computer Literacy. Fearless in learning about and working with new software programs and hardware innovations.


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