Organizational Consultation XXII: Empowerment (Part Two)

Organizational Consultation XXII: Empowerment (Part Two)

Simple Majority

A common method of determining a majority support decision is by voting. Many groups make the mistake of assuming that simply because a, majority support the decision, the minority will come along willingly. Often they may appear to do so, but frequently they resent the action and give no more than token support.

Near Consensus

Groups that really try to avoid the pitfalls associated with the plop, self-authorized, handclasp, kill, minority, and simple majority decisions often try to include every member in the final decision. All members may agree, but some may have serious reservations regarding the decision; and, although promising support, often withdraw support at crucial times.

True Consensus

All members have contributed to the decision or feel that their contributions have been given a fair hearing and are more satisfied with it than with any of the other alternatives that were considered. Under this procedure, the probability is greater that a decision will emerge which has given proper weight to the significant conditions affecting the decision and as such gains greater combined support from all members of the group.


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