Passion and Purpose are Levers for Sustaining  Collaborative Innovation

Passion and Purpose are Levers for Sustaining Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative Innovation (CI) at its best is more than just an act of diverse individuals bringing their skills and expertise to the challenge of solving a problem. Done well, CI incorporates the whole of the individual and applies it to the task at hand. However, traditional CI approaches suggest only three important factors for success:
1. Tools that allow strategic communication about innovation
2. The capacity to continuously vet ideas, so that the best ideas bubble to the top, and those that will fail become quickly evident
3. Leaders that work to eliminate any barriers that block innovation

Yet, expanding this list to include the qualities that participants bring to the CI process allows silos to be shattered within the organization and within the individual. Instead of focusing only on the skills, subject matter expertise and experience of individual participants as the benchmark qualities for inclusion in the process, what shift could be achieved if an individual’s passions were also considered? Passions are deep drivers of behavior that are integral aspects of personality.

Since personality impacts nearly every human interaction, especially when individuals are working closely on the kind of high stakes, fast-paced projects emblematic of CI initiatives, instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, I suggest leveraging it. Doing so would allow participants to bring their skills to the table and the insights born of their years of experience, while also liberating them to bring passion-driven perspectives to the discussion. Rather than being constrained in their approach to the issue, or restricted in their thinking, it would invite participants to connect the deeper aspects of who they are, and the diverse insights born of their passions, to the solutions they are seeking to develop for the organization.


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Alaina LoveAlaina Love is CEO of Purpose Linked Consulting (PLC) and a nationally recognized expert in leadership purpose and passion. She is co-author of the bestselling McGraw-Hill book, The Purpose Linked Organization: How Passionate Leaders Inspire Winning Teams and Great Results. Over the last 18 years, Purpose Linked Consulting has conducted research and created programs to support leadership and team development, with a specific focus on employee purpose and passion. PLC’s work has shown that individual fulfillment and inspirational leadership are the keys to creating the level of employee engagement that produces outstanding business results and a thriving culture. Prior to founding Purpose Linked Consulting, Alaina was the Executive Director of Human Resources for Merck & Co., Inc., where she was responsible for worldwide HR services for the sales and marketing division of the company, supporting over 15,000 employees around the globe in a division that generated $12.3 billion in annual sales

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