Pathways to Sleep: I-E. From Health to Sleep–Time Zone Challenges

Pathways to Sleep: I-E. From Health to Sleep–Time Zone Challenges


It is not unusual in our dreams that we are flying about – with or without the aid of an airplane. When it comes to flight in the real world, we must rely on the airplane rather than our magical capacity to lift off the ground and soar about. In this real world, there are major challenges to our sleep when we are flying about. I have suggested several pathways that can be of some benefit in meeting these challenges; however, the most important message for me to deliver is that we need to recognize the toll taken when we move quickly across several time zones. We need to be kind to our own body and mind when we take on these sleep-related challenges. Otherwise, we are likely to be “grounded” by illness or at least the “foggy” aftermath of sleepless nights and Jet/Bed Lag.


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