Psychological Perspectives on Israel during the COVID Pandemic: Table of Contents

Psychological Perspectives on Israel during the COVID Pandemic: Table of Contents

“Loneliness is More Dangerous to us than the Corona” 

Table of Contents

  1. Issue Three: Psychological Perspectives on Israel During the COVID Pandemic — Varda Silberberg
  2. My time of Corona, a bridge between reality and imagination: Interview with Orit Reshef Even-Shoshan
  3. “Unity of Opposites”: Hope in psychodrama group psychotherapy based on the Jewish Hassidic spiritual approach: Interview with Ziva Bracha- Gidron
  4. Opportunities, challenges and benefits of school-based group interventions
    during COVID-19 social distancing: Training program, outcomes, and recommendations
    Essay prepared by Dimona Yaniv
  5. “Stomim Only” online emotional discourse Being far, feeling close – Interview with Orly Orion-Liver
  6. Fourth age support group by means of arts during the Corona pandemic: Interview with Daniella Bassis and Orna Megides
  7. Waking up the bear: Dance/movement therapy group model with depressed adult patients during Covid-19 2020  Essay prepared by Sheerie Lotan Mesika
  8. COVID19 as a moment of truth — Interview with Said Masarweh
  9. Animal-assisted therapy and the Bowlby Center for Animal Assisted Therapy: Interview with Marta Lejzen.
  10. COVID19 crisis in therapy Essay prepared by Gil Erlich
  11. “Squalls Bloom in Dry Soil”: COVID19 as hope for change – Interview with Ilan Sharif
  12. Group therapy, individual therapy and supervision group during “Corona-Days”: Interview with Judith Rybko
  13. Hope In Corona times in Israel, Concluding essay prepared by Varda Silberberg








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