Psychopharmacology in Singapore

Psychopharmacology in Singapore

Psychopharmacology  in Singapore borrows from many traditions–both Western and Eastern. One of these traditions is Naturopathy, which comes from the West, but is directly aligned with many Asian perspectives and practices. Dr. Wong interviews a Naturopathic doctor from Singapore to gain his insights about health-enhancing practices:

Treating mental health disorders, emotional issues. Other than traditional ways of medications, Western herbal medicine can be something that may be considered. This is a very new approach where an individual may have concerns whether if it can work. One can feel safe to try this approach because the individual does not have to stop the medication. Western herbal medicine aims to treat the person as a whole. Interesting and new is something like rose is known as the healer. To heal the heart. Something to explore as it is relatively new and may not be supported as much by research.

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