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General Agreement & Policies

Intellectual Property Issues

Articles are accepted for inclusion on condition that the submitter has secured all necessary clearances and approvals prior to submission. Writers who are not sole copyright holders should secure all necessary written proof of permission to submit prior to submission. Published articles and books usually need permission from the publisher before it can be reproduced electronically in our library. Published articles and/or book submissions should be submitted as a query letter.

Review Process

Submitting an article in no way guarantees its inclusion in the Library of Professional Psychology. We reserve the right to reject an article submission for any reason. Submission of articles and confirmation of receipt of article is not a statement of acceptance that the article will appear in Library of Professional Psychology.

By submitting your article to the Library of Professional Psychology, you grant us the right to publish your article anywhere on our website, blog, or other publications. We may also change where it appears, how it appears, and how much appears at any time. As the author you also have the right to publish your article elsewhere.

Submitting your articles to Library of Professional psychology does not entitle you to financial compensation of any kind. You will not receive compensation from Library of Professional psychology.

We reserve the right to change our submission and publication policies and timeframe as appropriate.


All articles are peer-reviewed by the curators of the library or editorial team members. The Library of Professional Psychology reserves the right to edit all reader contributions for clarity, format, or length. All accepted contributions will be converted into PDF format.

Please spell-check and proof read articles for grammatical errors prior to submitting. Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. We do monitor article submissions and we will reject content that doesn’t meet this requirement.

For identification and marketing purposes, the Library of Professional Psychology (LPP) reserves the right to introduce non-intrusive LPP Watermarks, boilerplates, and/or summary pages to the articles.

Photographs & Artwork

Photographs & artwork to illustrate your article must be clear and distinct, submitted in PDF and Microsoft Word format. All submitted photographs and artwork should be original material submitted by the writer or should include credit or source and copyright information. Images embedded in articles may be removed at the library’s discretion if copyright is not provided.

Links in Articles

Hypertext links in articles should be limited to directly relevant material on the web. Articles should refrain from self promotion as all articles will include your submitted biography.

No affiliate links! The articles that you submit to Library of Professional Psychology should not contain affiliate links. It is acceptable, however, to mention the URL’s of helpful sites or your own website which redirects to the recommended affiliate product.

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