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Status of Sleep: A Report

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This is the fifth report coming from the Pathways to Sleep Project. In this report, Dr. William Bergquist briefly summarizes reports from the first section of the Pathways to Sleep Survey. Based on a Sleep Inventory used by Bridgett Lewis and Christy Lewis in their work with people seeking to achieve higher quality sleep, respondents to this section of the Pathways to Sleep Survey are asked to rate the overall quality of their sleep and to check items on a list of sleep-related conditions that apply to them. Following is a summary of the results obtained from reports by 66 respondents.


Here is a listing of the sleep characteristics with regard to how often they were identified by those competing the survey.

High [Identified by 32-59% of the respondents]

I look forward to falling asleep at night.
I fall asleep within 15 minutes after settling into my bed.
I often find it very difficult to fall asleep and/or experience fragmented, restless sleep during the night that does not leave me refreshed in the morning.
I sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep at the start of the night and occasionally experience fragmented and restless sleep and might even have to get up and do something else.
I wake up in the morning wishing I could get more sleep.

Medium [identified by 25-30% of the respondents]

I grind my teeth or clench my jaw in my sleep (that I know of).
I snore in my sleep (that I know of).
I usually fall asleep easily at the start of the night and can sleep throughout the night without waking up; however, on occasion, I find it hard to fall asleep or I wake up once or twice during the night.
I always feel like I need more sleep, even after getting a full night of rest (at least 7 hours)
When I feel tired from an inadequate night’s rest, I drink caffeine to give me the energy I need for the day.

Low [identified by 6-17% of the respondents]

I get a full night of sleep (at least 7 hours) without interruption.
I wake up fully refreshed every morning.

I rarely get more than 6 hours of sleep given my very busy life.
I am anxious about obtaining good sleep.
I often feel tired during the day.
I fall asleep during the day even though I am trying to stay awake.
I am sometimes forced to take a nap during the day because I am very tired.
I often wake up with a migraine/headache.

When I cannot fall asleep I get visibly/physically angry or irritable.

I have to get up in the middle of the night and do something else.
I often am extremely thirsty when I wake up in at night.

My legs uncontrollably twitch or move in the night, making it difficult to fall asleep.
If I cannot fall asleep past a certain time, I decide not to sleep at all.

Very Low [identified by 1%-5% of the respondents)

I rarely get more than 4 hours of sleep given my busy life.
I am afraid of falling asleep because of my dreams.
I have frequent nightmares that wake me up in the night.

I wake up gasping for air in the night.
I walk/talk in my sleep (that I know of) or find that I have taken some action of which I am unaware (such as eating food)>

I often forget or am unable to remember how I got somewhere during the day.


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