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The Complexity of 21st Century Health Care

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We are pulled to the second option. If social distancing and other preventative actions are not the answer, then we must embrace a herd immunization policy. Yet, as we linger on this second option, we discover that this policy also has its flaws and disadvantages. We are led back to the first policy—and must again face the disadvantages inherent in this first option.

The swing has begun from left top to left bottom to right top, to right bottom, back again to left top. We are whipped back and forth. As anxiety increases regarding the COVERT-19 virus and future pandemic viruses, the vacillation also increases in both intensity and rapidity. This is what the dynamics of polarization is all about. There is inadequate time and attention given to each option.

Here is what the polarity-based dynamics of our policy deliberations might look like if mapped in graphic form. There are several different ways in which polarity can be mapped. This is a variant on the map we provided with regard to length of patient stay:

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