The CPOA Catalogue of Assessment Instruments

The CPOA Catalogue of Assessment Instruments

The Center for Personal and Organizational Assessment (CPOA) has prepared suites of inventories and related documents over the past thirty years that have been used extensively in training programs, as well as consulting and coaching sessions. They have also appeared in several widely read books that offer concepts and research findings related to these CPOA documents.

[Note: All CPOA Assessment Tools Can Be Purchased by Accessing the Following LInk: CPOA Order Form]

CPOA assessment instruments are distinctive in several important ways. First, all of the CPOA inventories are based on extensive research and scholarship. They are theory-rich and thus lend themselves to enhanced dialogue between a coach or consultant and their client. While many other inventories might have been derived from analysis of data gathered from large sources (the so-called empirically based inventories) they are likely to offer numbers that are interesting and perhaps valid–yet not yield the kind of insightful conversations that a theory-based assessment can produce.

Each of these theory-based CPOA inventories come in a packet of five printed booklets each with a copy of the inventory, score sheet, scoring range, and description of the concepts and theories that provide a foundation for the inventory.

Second, most of the assessment instruments that focus on individual respondents provide three perspectives:
• the respondent’s own self-assessment,
• assessments of the respondent by other people, and
• assessment of the organizational environment (climate/culture) in which the respondent works and through which the respondent is being perceived by other people with whom they work.

In several instances, the respondent is also asked to predict how they think other people will perceive or judge their performance/behavior.

All of the printed CPOA inventories and booklets are available through Ash Point Publishing (a sub-division of The Professional School of Psychology.)

Large scale sampling: CPOA can create and administer a digital version of all its assessment instruments. This digital survey can be used for collection from multiple respondents (such as all members of a team, department or organization). CPOA can provides multiple levels of analysis regarding results obtained from this digital survey.

The CPOA catalogue: A listing and brief description of each assessment instrument is available by clicking on the download button below. .

[Note: All CPOA Assessment Tools Can Be Purchased by Accessing the Following LInk: CPOA Order Form]


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