The Engagement of Relationships I. Eastern Philosophy and Quantum

The Engagement of Relationships I. Eastern Philosophy and Quantum

The Global Psychology Task Force has moved to a focus on perspectives and practices regarding the relationships between people — especially in a psychotherapy, coaching and consulting relationship. This series of conversations (what we have identified as “psychological laboratories is led by Dr. Richard Lim, a senior psychologist located in Singapore who is providing training, therapy, coaching and consulting in countries throughout Southeastern Asia. Here is a recording of this first conversation which builds on Dr. Lim’s reflections on Eastern philosophical perspectives as related to Quantum theory:


Here are key points from this laboratory:

  1. Relationships are co-creations of relating among those participating in the relationship.
  2. Our world is constructed each moment in our interactions with other people.

The Participants in this Laboratory:

Richard Lim, Psy.D. (Facilitator)

William Bergquist, Ph.D.

Jan Bouch, Psy.D.

Suzanne Brennan Nathan, Psy.D.

Karin Bustamante, Psy.D.

Mirasol Delmar, Psy.D.

Kevin Weitz, Psy.D.


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Richard LimDr. Richard Lim serves as the Senior Consultant Psychologist with TASE—a center providing clinical and consulting services (located in Singapore and Jakarta Indonesia). His organizational consultancy and training specialty is in the application of the science of focus, thinking, communication and team leadership for the achievement of excellence. Dr. Lim provides leadership development work with very diverse organizations. In more than 15 years of leadership performance consultancy, Richard Lim has worked with leaders and senior executives from multi-national companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola (Indonesia), JP Morgan, and SIA; international agencies like The Salvation Army, YMCA, Outward Bounds and World Vision; and numerous government organizations and community institutions. He is also an active contributor to the development of staff and research at the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and BINUS. Richard has served as President of the Psychotherapy Association of Singapore.

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