THE FUTURE  A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

THE FUTURE A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

The Present

2020 was the worst year ever.  Especially if you were hoping to get back to normal.

Real-life was horrendous.., a realisation that all was not well with the world.

Alternate realities and virtual worlds as social media became parallel universes.

The chaos signaled change – it motivated some and became dangerous rabbit holes for millions. Overall, 2020 will go down as a warning flare for civilisation.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but if you change you can influence the ending. You have the power to put order into your version of the chaos. What you change will be the future you have.”

John Caswell

A Look Back At The Future 

In 2021 we counted the damage. Millions of people forcibly separated from their traditional careers. Hundreds of thousands of graduates prevented from a ‘normal’ entry into the workforce. Our city centres ghost towns – main streets boarded up.., their re-use yet to materialise.

The roaring 2020s beyond the plague saw large swathes of independent workers. They were makers and creators, inventors and collaborators – they were all these things.

Something Important Happened

Work Changed.  I used to say if only we could change the way we think then we would change the way things work. That was mostly wrong. I now realise we have to be forced to change the way things work – and only then will we change the way we think.

Many people have rejected the traditional work journey but silently. They’ve complained bitterly about the system but never did anything about it.

“Millions of humans were marooned in dispiriting Ad agencies, grey and soulless offices designed for battery hens or slaving for the man in an abusive factory. 2020 forced a shift at scale – giving birth to a world of new work and new workers.”

New Workers

The ‘new worker’ formed creative models of cooperation and ingenious ways to liberate their capability. Through a greater fear of the consequences, humans took the leap that decades of mediocrity hadn’t quite tipped them into taking. Many had no other choice.  But for others, a preferable conclusion of a hitherto meaningless life.


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