THE FUTURE  A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

THE FUTURE A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

Over generations, these conventions have resulted in a societal context – conditions within which we now exist. This is a layering of conditions that have crept up on us over decades and we now find impervious to any dismantling. 

SIXTEEN: Exploit the Data Divide. 

We customers are rapidly evolving our expectations and businesses are looking to keep up. Their challenge is to find quicker ways to figure us out. They are looking at all the data they have on us and find the insights. Turning the data into the insight is all it takes.

This is what will separate a business from its competitors. The quicker and sharper they are at analysing and then acting on it will be the accelerated and smart path to growth. The digital-ready business – on its way.

SEVENTEEN: Develop A ‘Composable’ Enterprise.

Jargon alert. But worth it.

Iven that we all like things that work perfectly for us (alone), because we are all individuals, then this one is a no brainer. What the technologists/consultants call ‘hyper-specialization’ has opened a pandora’s box of applications – a menu of ingredients. This has allowed leading organizations to bring about the needed capabilities digitally. Now they can effectively be ‘composed’ (assembled) from pre-existing applications (using APIs), rather than being built from scratch every time.

It’s the same with the services to customers – (now rebranded as ‘Microservices’), where businesses can build new/specific customer experiences almost on the fly.

EIGHTEEN: The Democratization of Innovation

We are already in a world where everybody is able to come up with ideas. We inform the intelligent operation of our likes and dislikes in the data that we send back to it. Imagine if we trust the front line more – we would create more meaningful customer experiences – and quicker.

The business has to invest in active training, supporting and motivating them. A digital-ready culture is more than this, but not something to be afraid of.

To be concluded..



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