THE FUTURE  A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

THE FUTURE A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

An unconventional pathway was built which unleashed new skills driven by circumstance and isolation. This struggle sparked ingenuity and enterprise and saw a return to raw human creativity.

People realised that their destiny was (quite literally) in their own hearts, minds and hands. Millions started to see how easy it was to create their own business. These passions were stirring long before 2020 but the pieces were not yet fully in focus. We listened to the rumblings we just couldn’t quite hear what it meant.

“If we just talk, we are repeating what we know. To learn something new we have to listen, and to put lessons into practice we have to hear.” 

A New Path – The Unconventional Is the New Convention

New digital platforms and tools (no code, creative platforms) have removed most if not all the barriers.

I know many more people today who feel liberated from outdated social expectations. And re-energised by exploring new models, technologies, and ideas. I’ve felt liberated for a long time — always running my own life and my own business. Now there’s endless choice and access to all information for everyone, whatever their age.

For the interested and curious, it has supercharged everyone’s ability to construct their own life and career.

 Necessary Discomfort

The necessity that forced millions to figure out how to be online is called ‘forced adoption’.

Forced adoption transformed the behaviours of a significant majority.

Millions have been forced into the worlds of online shopping to survive – learning e-commerce, contactless payments, door drop deliveries, and through smarter devices and apps – experiencing content streaming.

Underpinning almost all of this is the algorithm that is both friend and foe – the thorny puzzle faces humanity.

We want labour-saving miracles that suggest precisely what we are looking for and when we want it – not wanting to be ruled by a faceless mathematical tyrant.

We do and we don’t want these hidden geniuses informing our purchasing decisions or overwhelming us with stupid ads or ever stealthier ways of emptying our wallets.


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