THE FUTURE  A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

THE FUTURE A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

Everything Flows

IP TV happened at the turn of the century. Netflix launched its streaming service because it understood the future of television was online. The challenge boiled down to two things. Packaging and timing. This is what these challenges always boil down to.

Markets need educating after any launch. It’s a slow process. Initially – and it’s not guaranteed, but there will be some hype of early adoption – mostly it is the longness of the tail.     Even today many people still don’t appreciate all the channels, genres and content, nor how available this already is through the common device of a TV.      Similar examples of the ‘quick, quick slow’ are to be found in every industry:

VHS – Betamax. Microsoft dominated the PC era that began in the 1990s over the mainframe pioneer IBM.

Microsoft foresaw mobile but misread the role of the operating system and the hardware.

Apple iOS and Google Android profited globally.

The importance of app stores and social networks was unexpected right up until late in the 2000s.

Facebook was unintentional and happened in 2005.

What will succeed in the world of bits we are living through right now? A constantly different set of bits — a  new world where trial and error is inevitable to test and learn the strategy.

“Trying things is bittersweet because failure isn’t fun – yet not trying leads to regret. Getting things wrong is how learning happens. Leadership used to be never let anyone think you didn’t have the answer. Now it’s about comfort with the uncomfortable and not knowing. It means forging a path to answers through the ‘least worst’ mistakes. Perseverance is a lonely place that’s constantly under attack, but it is the path to glory.”

The Writing On The Digital Walls

There’s a new term for where this constant reinvention may go. The Metaverse. 

Over time, and we can’t be certain how long – more decades – something like the ‘Metaverse’ will revolutionize the entire digital infrastructure of today. It will transform the physical experiences we expect and alter the services and transactional platforms that sit on top.

For those of us already thinking this way it already feels very real. And as we learn every time the arc is as long and unpredictable as its end state is lucrative.


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