THE FUTURE  A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

THE FUTURE A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

Allbirds – a stellar startup story throughout 2020 and built a billion-dollar brand. They developed an entirely new and sustainable shoe sole. They made the patents open-source and shared it with the world. And in May (2020), Allbirds announced a partnership with Adidas, to create a sneaker with the lowest ever carbon footprint carrying both the Allbirds and Adidas logo.  How?

Decide on the best channel/media platform and start sharing your story.

Regularly explain the progress – the development process, then new services, as you go make the solutions possible to touch and feel – and eventually sign up to or buy.

Invite conversation, engagement and eventually ownership.

The audience will see the work happen and engage with it if the audience sees the value.

They will help with the choices needed to be made and challenges that need solving along the way.

You will have effectively made a platform for your consumers to immerse themselves and help shape your future.

We are conditioned to expect ultra-convenience. Are they too established to retreat now? We are all human and no matter how conscious we struggle to see how to make ultra-convenience and positive impact converge — techniques, tools, and services that will encourage more sustainable consumption at the same time as being easier and more convenient.

The Ipsos Global Trends 2020 survey found 80% of people worldwide believe we are heading for environmental disaster unless we change our habits quickly. McKinsey, at the same time, suggests that 66% feel it’s important to limit the impact of the fashion industry on climate.

Leadership Consciousness

Consciousness will be the critical capability required to succeed in the new world – after 2020. One interesting thing about consciousness is defining it. It’s mercurial, relative, and unfathomable.           The more I tried to write my thoughts down about it – the less I could. The closer I came to define it – the further away it went. By writing, I can usually put order into my thoughts. In this case, I only arrived at the following starting point:

Consciousness – a state of openness to possibility – whilst knowing nothing.

We all know things because we are conscious beings. And we can use our experience to filter a host of other things. But there’s very little of any certainty – projectable from our past – that’s guaranteed to be of any value in the future. Consciousness, in this context, is an electric awareness of what’s happening – unfettered by filters and unattached to predisposition.

I found myself writing about reinvention. Constant reinvention. Reinvention in a business context.


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