THE FUTURE  A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

THE FUTURE A Short Guide to Getting There in One Piece

Technology will eventually win the day but in the short term, we’re dealing with the human challenge. A mix of conditions exists in us that do not inhabit the machines: prejudice, bias, acceptance, fear, ignorance, capability attachment, embarrassment, capacity, denial and more. Add fixed mindsets, lack of emotional intelligence, vulnerability, and historic expectations.

This is an avalanche, hurricane and a wildfire while being holed below the waterline.

The aim isn’t trivial – perpetual reinvention can only happen through the absence of any attachment to what was.

A Systems Definition for A New World

Systems don’t operate in their own unique world. They are connected to other systems.

Systems are an ‘ecology’ of living and non-living organisms that co-operate and are interdependent.

No system is a completely free agent. Even government systems are subject to powerful ‘other’ systemic forces not entirely under their control.

Black markets thrive the more the governments believe they are dominating.

Free agency is a central pillar for empowerment. It is what drives entrepreneurship. Without free agency, the system takes power away from any individual in the system.

Individuals are exploited rather than unleashed to create greater value as is true with all efficient marketplaces.

Trade has to work and for that, we need mutuality across the system – increasingly we can substitute the work platform.

Free trade is being eroded in favour of the owners of the platforms – exploitation, therefore, rises to the top.

Without the individuals able to trade with free agency and mutuality the system continues unchecked and the individuals suffer.

Great systems thrive on fairness, open standards, free and mutual trade and reward systems – systems that return the respect invested.

The Art of Reinvention

Reinvention is non-negotiable – another word for it is life. We’ve always done it. It’s at the root of our survival – the lack of it would signal the demise of humanity. But I struggle to get people to realise it’s their job – increasing their vocation.

If you run a business it’s the most critical thing to do. Unless you plan to run it over a cliff.

The Inconvenient Paradox of Simplicity

In our mad pressure cooker, we tend to boil things down. We have this urge for simplicity. Distilling everything to the minimum. It doesn’t really help. Everything has become a race to take things down to their bare bones.

While it’s understandable, given our decreased capacity it can be very dangerous. We now fight over the disappearance of meaning. Meaning is rendered impossible as a result of over-distilled artefacts – infographics and jargon. (Jargon – those ‘special’ words and expressions that are in regular use by professions and groups that are difficult for others to understand.)


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