The Leadership Spectrum

The Leadership Spectrum

Dr. William Bergquist prepared a 34 minute presentation of the Leadership Spectrum for a workshop he conducted in conjunction with The Professional School of Psychology (an educational institution located in the United States) and TASE (a consulting firm located in Indonesia and Singapore). As part of this workshop and this presentation, participants completed the Interpersonal Preference Inventory. Scores obtained by participants are reported during this presentation and the participants worked part of the time in small breakout groups. A copy of the Interpersonal Preference Inventory can be obtained from TASE. Those viewing this video recording might even wish to reflect on the questions being asked by Dr. Bergquist in conjunction with the breakout groups. Here is Dr. Bergquist’s presentation:

Some of the key points made during this presentation were:

  1. Each of us tends to have a preferred way of engaging as a team leader. This preference often relates to our orientation toward the domain of information (being realistic), the domain of intentions (being clear about purposes and goals) or the domain of ideas (being oriented toward taking action).
  2. We can relate each of these preferences to a specific color: ruby red (ideas), azure blue (intentions) and golden yellow (information).
  3. There is a blended preference (rainbow) which tends to be oriented toward collective work in a group setting.
  4. One’s strengths as a leader can be both a source of success and a barrier (if overused or used in an inappropriate manner).

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