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The New Johari Window #20: Quadrant Two: Alternative Johari Models

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Alternatively, as Luft proposes, they will both begin to lose access to their own unshared thoughts and feelings (Quad Three) and will go more “unconscious” (larger Quad Four) in his relationship with one another. There is a third option that the Disjointed Interaction model offers. Either Sheila or Kevin could find the tension to be uncomfortable or even unbearable and could dis-engage. Kevin could resign from the Board (using some excuse that doesn’t jeopardize his relationship with his boss). Sheila could ask Kevin to resign as Treasurer (citing her friendship with Kevin’s boss as the reason).

Stabilized Interaction Model

What about this second alternative structure? With regard to the Stabilized Interaction model, the relationship between Sheila and Kevin would be graphically portrayed as follows:

                                    SHEILA                                                                     KEVIN

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