The New Johari Window #20: Quadrant Two: Alternative Johari Models

The New Johari Window #20: Quadrant Two: Alternative Johari Models

She will be more inclined to provide feedback (Quad Two) and to disclose (Quad Three) to Kevin. Sheila’s own window would no longer be bent. She could share more with Kevin about her own concerns regarding his competence (Kevin’s Quad Two to Quad One), as well as her need for not just competence but also free time on the part of her Treasurer (Sheila’s Quad Three to Quad One). The revised relationship might look like the following (in graphic form):

                                  SHEILA                                                                                   KEVIN

The public quadrant (Quad One) for both Kevin and Sheila expands. They can talk candidly about more matters, without getting too personal (honoring the core principles of their relationship) and can create a constructive and productive relationship as Executive Director and Treasure of a human service agency about which they both care.


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