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The New Johari Window #31: Quadrant Four: Interaction Between Two People

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In order to help both you and I better understand and appreciate the particularly complex dynamics of Quad Four in Luft’s original Johari Window, I will turn one last time to the relationship between Sheila and Kevin. Recall that Sheila is Executive Director of the Human Service Agency, and Kevin is her new Board Treasurer. As Kevin reveals more about his own performance fears (Quad Three to Quad One) and his concerns about Sheila’s dual relationships (Quad Two to Quad One), Sheila reveals more about her own inadequacies regarding finances (Quad Three to Quad One) and her own perceptions and fears regarding Kevin’s competencies (Quad Three to Quad One). According to Luft (in all of his optimism), there is the opportunity for something wonderful (even magical) to occur! New opportunities open up for both Kevin and Sheila—resulting from the movement of Quad Four material (through Quads Two and Three) to Quad One.


                    Kevin                                                                      Sheila


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