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The Now and Zen of Intention and Flow

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The When as Intent is Always Now \Wherein is the Currency of Flow

See What I Mean

Art and Science Are Echos of Integral Perfection Appearing In and As Form

‘Now’ Is Always and so Also ‘Then’… a Curious Distinction that could never need to be made… and so comes an article Whose Content Supersedes and Precedes the writing of it… emanating from and arriving at an Understanding without exception or exemption of any kind…

My aim and intent Is To Share Identity As Being, an Irrefutable Fact, which is the Fundamental Component that renders All Things What They Are, as a Unifying Association that suggests and Celebrates The Obvious… There Is a Way To ‘Do’, that emphasizes and Honors Being… within which Is an Extraordinary Accomplishment, Worthy of mention to The One and Only Who Must and Does Always Know It…

Shakespeare says, ‘Much ado about ’nothing’… and as we necessarily decouple from our charged notions associated with that ’nothing’, we regain a sense of Something that is the Essence and Reality of Everything… The ‘macro’ was always the content of the ‘micro’… hence, symphonies of profound organizational order and content, emerge from the ’stillness’ that curiously was anything but ’still’…

Wayne Gretzky played the ‘puck’ from a somewhat Open and Unfixed Understanding of ‘what and where’ that puck was and by doing so, demonstrated that time and dimension could be traveled Quite Differently and with striking and atypical effects… Poetry In Motion Is What It Is and Everyone Knows It…

I am here to share with you, an event that was never in time for the sole purpose of saving time… In doing so we’ll use the idea of time but Only To Reach Beyond that concept, so as to Realize and Remember What we Have Here and Now, That Essential Component of The Always and Forever that we might refer to as The Unforgettable Fundamental of Being… We can indeed be comforted by the Prevailing Currency of a Certainty of Being from which may arise a Capacity of Another Order as an Elemental Remembering of what was never forgotten…

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