My dream of a brighter world for you

Through the power of imagination, intention and flow, I envision for you a world free of war, disease, poverty, oppression, discrimination and inequality. In this safe and peaceful environment, society would be governed by fair laws and just courts created for and by the people. Citizens would have equal rights and everyone could easily have access to education and employment. People would align with their higher purpose and awaken to their full potential, by being more conscious of their everyday choices and the impact of these decisions on their life and on the community. A new healthcare system would encompass alternative and non-traditional approaches such as holistic medicine and frequency healing, taking the whole person into consideration and treating a person’s mind and spirit as important to health as the physical body, thus stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself and ultimately improving health outcomes.

My vision of the future workplace

Rooted in the possibility of a positive future for humanity, I dream of a harmonious workplace in balance with nature, where people would feel safe, respected, valued and empowered to achieve peak performance while having fun in a positive work environment. You and others would look forward to going to work because you would understand the “why” (why you do the work you do and why you get up every morning to go to work) and because your work would be aligned with your interests, strengths, skills and higher purpose. You would have the opportunity to do what you love and have a meaningful and joyful work life, balanced with the needs of your personal and family lives. This future workplace would also consider the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of people. People would be encouraged to be physically active, as regular exercise causes the body to produce endorphins that relieve stress and pain and improve physical and mental health. In addition, people would also be given the choice to eat raw and organic foods, including fresh vegetables, fruits and sprouts. Research shows that organic foods are healthier because they avoid harmful chemicals such as synthetic pesticides, they avoid genetically modified organisms and they are more nutritious than non-organic foods.


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Jean-Marc SheitoyanThoughtful and empathetic business executive with strong leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit, excellent communication and soft skills, project and organizational management skills, agility, perseverance and resilience. Passionate about exploring the possibilities by which human potential, innovation, design and technology could contribute to creating a preferred and sustainable future, Jean-Marc Sheitoyan fosters a motivating and collaborative work atmosphere through generous listening and committed speaking. His core values are respect, integrity, kindness, open-mindedness, curiosity, mutuality, imagination, creativity, innovation, empowerment, commitment and accountability.Ingenious and resourceful, Mr. Sheitoyan is a responsible manager who performs well under pressure, anticipating obstacles and finding solutions to meet project objectives on time and on budget. He has hands-on experience in several business functions including strategic planning, project management, industrial design, R&D, prototyping, manufacturing, international business development, marketing, sales and fundraising.Subject-matter expert in human augmentation exoskeletons, integrated soldier systems, personal protective equipment, load-carriage, personal thermoregulation systems, wearables and soft goods. He has in-depth knowledge of collaborative innovation (resolving tough challenges with optimal effectiveness and velocity to create breakthrough solutions), design language (proprietary product differentiation strategy), additive manufacturing technologies (including metals and plastics), and materials for safety and security (including composites, foams and technical textiles).Drawing from his vast experience in international business travel, Jean-Marc celebrates cultural and linguistic diversity. He is attracted to organizations that promote a culture of leadership, excellence, collaboration, innovation and sustainable development.

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