Site location and surrounding area

Located near forests, lakes and mountains, the site would be surrounded by an 8-mile trail where people could walk, jog or run outdoors while breathing fresh air and oxygen produced by tree leaves through the process of photosynthesis. In the forest, an obstacle course made of logs and ropes based on ‘Hebertism’, a physical education system created by Georges Hébert in 1910, would inspire people to train in the heart of nature. On the lawn near the building, a playground for adults based on the ‘Ninja Warrior’ obstacle course would motivate people to be physically active while playing and having fun, reminding them of childhood moments spent playing in the neighborhood park. Just outside the building, the main plaza would include a food court with picnic tables to encourage social interaction, as well as a fire pit surrounded by wooden Adirondack chairs providing a space for relaxation and informal discussion. Further away, a 60-foot diameter sand circle featuring a ring of vertical stone monoliths inspired by the prehistoric monument at Stonehenge, England, would provide a quiet space for meditation and mindfulness.

Building architecture and office space

The two-story building would be constructed with noble materials, including wood and stone. A glass facade would provide beautiful views of the surrounding forests, lakes and mountains. The open-plan office would include glass-enclosed meeting rooms for group discussions, as well as quiet spaces for individual work. A green roof with a garden and lush plants would allow for outdoor meetings and could also serve as a space for individual reflection. As well, solar panels and wind turbines would provide sustainable electricity generation. In addition, organic vegetables, fruits and sprouts would be grown in outdoor greenhouses and offered for consumption in the cafeteria’s salad bar. On their free time, people could help maintain the greenhouses and pick the food.


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