How to make this a reality?

In order to make this future scenario a reality, I believe that what is currently missing in the world is a culture of leadership based on unity and service to others that promotes core values such as love, kindness, empathy, respect, honesty, mutuality, open-mindedness, competence, cooperation, agility, flexibility and resilience.

In any organization, successful change management requires a large commitment from executives and senior managers, whether the change is occurring in a department or in the complete organization. Leadership from the senior team is the most significant factor in helping people to buy into and support needed changes.

Therefore, if we are to implement meaningful and sustainable change to positively impact the lives of human beings on Earth, I believe it would be essential for this commitment and support to come directly from the leaders of our planet, our society, our governments, our institutions, our schools, and our businesses. I am committed to this transformation.

The deep dive: What lies beneath it all?

If we take a deep dive into the possible root causes of why this hasn’t worked so far, we can agree that society and the education system in the Western world have taught us from an early age to be individualistic and competitive, therefore emphasizing the “I” over the “WE”. People do not know how to listen to each other. When they have an idea in mind, some stubborn people who think they know everything are not willing to listen to others’ points of view. Listening is an art, and it can be learned. If people were more open to the practice of generous listening, I believe this could take us higher and further as a global society. Furthermore, drawing on the traditional use of talking sticks in many indigenous cultures around the world, I think that the practice of committed speaking from the heart, empowered by intention and flow, would allow people to express their authentic truth and colors. Thus, if the principles of generous listening and committed speaking were applied on a planetary scale, I believe this would be a game-changer.


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