The Roots of Collaborative Innovation

The Roots of Collaborative Innovation

Figure 4. Complete Duality of Opposition and Implication Geometry in Logical Geometry and Language (see text)

5. Conclusion

“Horror Vacui” and “Horror Pleni” are two cosmic, fundamental concepts referring to humans’ intellectual operative range, related to Eastern philosophies based on “Nothingness” as the fundamental state (He et al., 2014; Freitas, 2018) and Western philosophies centered on “Being” as the fundament of reality, respectively. The non-dual binary modality of the thinking mind to perceive reality in complementary terms is the sole means to make sense of a seemingly incoherent whole, unfitted to be grasped in its entirety by a twofold device. A “non-dual dichotomy” permeating the human representation of living creatures is the elementary base to start with any more refined conceptual description (Fiorini, 2018a). Their deep meaning can be translated and extended to many different human disciplined areas like art, literature, sociology, science, etc… This daydream of cosmic non-dual dichotomies embedded in wherever slant of the creation, of context and scale, is epitomised in the continuous human attempt to perceive the reality beyond its opaque veil, offered by the statistical representation of current science.


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