The Space Between Us: An Approach to Collaborative Innovation

The Space Between Us: An Approach to Collaborative Innovation

What actually happens in a moment of successful collaborative innovation, which I have alluded to throughout this article, is a letting go of one’s attachment to one’s sense of self as an object with a point-of-view long enough to interact with one or more people who are doing the same. This allows for a leap from defensive debate to cooperative exploration, which often can lead to insight. It seems to me that we are now entering a time in our history when it is once again essential to ask the newest variations of the oldest questions: If I am not an identity, then what am I? If I am not the main character of a story, then who am I? If I am not located in a point-of-view, then where am I?


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David NorrisDr. David Norris has worked for more than forty years as a college teacher, manager, international consultant and coach, leading programs for individuals, teams and organizations. His clients operate in North America, Europe, Australia, India and the Middle East. He currently lives in Germany and works in both English and German. Underlying all of his work is a commitment to human maturation. Jean Piaget, among others, researched the stages of human development from the “Uroboros” of infancy to the conceptual thinking of young adulthood. Most of these researchers stop there with a command of logic and the achievement of emotional impulse control. But human development does not necessarily end there. David believes there is a post-rational kind of consciousness, which is now emerging within our species and he believes it’s possible to facilitate that emergence. And just as individuals can grow and mature, so too can organizations.

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